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“Gill is very good at taking our thoughts and crafting these into something that makes sense, turning work around quickly and always meeting or exceeding deadlines.”


Many of my website clients are actually design or digital agencies. I’m usually involved at the 11th hour when the site is programmed and ready to go, but the end client has not been able to provide any of the written content which needs to be added to the Content Management System!

Here are a few examples of some sites I have created copy for over the years – just click the logos to see the full site:

Mountain Lodge

Mountain Lodge LogoI was asked to write the website for this stunning ski resort in the Dents Du Midi in France by my agency client RedSky.

The project involved taking a range of existing information and previously-written copy and bringing this into a consistent style and tone, as well as adding new material provided, and weaving everything together to create a website which really captured the uniqueness of this property.


Royal Merchant Navy Education Foundation

RMNEF LogoThis project was completed in partnership with my agency client Shine Creative, who carried out all of the design work for the site – as well as a complete rebrand for the RMNEF at the same time.

I gathered the information I needed from previously created marketing pieces, as well as interviewing the Charity’s Secretary for added insight.



MyOffceSearch LogoI was asked to get involved in this project through my client Cognisant, who provide web design and hosting services from their offices in Southern Spain.

MyOfficeSearch was a new business at the time, so my role involved interviewing the two partners and helping them to define their messaging before creating the necessary web copy.


Circle Research

Circle Research LogoI worked on this project through my client Centigrade, a Global digital marketing agency. It involved telephone interviews with various different staff members, in order to gather the required information, as well as amalgamating this new content with existing materials from different sources – bringing everything together into one consistent new message.



MySchoolApp LogoThis project involved creating a full set of new messaging for a brand new app that is designed to help parents communicate with their child’s school more easily.

The content was created over a period of time as the app was developed, and also involved carrying out a meeting with a trial school to gather input from the end customer’s perspective.



Crimonmogate LogoThis was another travel project for my client RedSky, this time involving a unique property in Scotland owned by Viscount Petersham.

Again, it involved gathering information from a variety of sources and bringing this together in a way which would demonstrate the very unusual nature of this exclusive wedding and events venue.



Website Project Management

I have recently provided a full Project Management and Content Creation service for two clients who just needed a few extra hours in the day to bring their websites to life. Click the images to see the finished products!


Everymessage Website

Corona Corporate Solutions


Corona Corporate solutions was formed in mid 2014 when my longstanding client Corporate ICT merged with Corona Copy Solutions. I was tasked with bringing the two businesses together under a single website and brand, using the original Corporate ICT site – which I helped them develop a year earlier – as a base, but updating this with new combined messaging, new content from the digital office solutions side of the business, and a new colour scheme. All in two weeks from start to finish!