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“As a relatively small business, that does not require full time marketing support, it is great to have someone like Gill to hand who we can call upon to when we need her services. Thanks Gill, more business on its way!”

Why use a freelancer?

Chances are, you have a rough idea of what you want to achieve. Maybe your website needs updating, or your sales team are crying out for some customer case studies – or possibly you know you’d like to run some social media campaigns, but have no idea where to begin. I can help with all of this and far more.

I charge a simple hourly rate and will always agree fixed costs up front for a piece of work, so you know exactly how much you’re committing to. I’m also completely flexible in terms of how I work for you, and how many hours you’d like me to do.

I’ve been operating in exactly the same way since 2002 – when I left a senior marketing role with a large US corporate – and my clients keep telling me it’s what their businesses need. So why not get in touch and see if I can help you as well?

Benefits of using a freelancer
As a freelancer, I can provide all of the skills and expertise that you would expect from a full time marketing manager or marketing director, but at a fraction of the cost – as you only pay for my services when you need them.

I am happy to work with you on one-off campaigns, such as marketing an event or or writing and project managing a new website. Alternatively I can sit down with you and look at your marketing requirements as a whole, helping you to develop a marketing plan and then carrying out those activities. Which could include anything from managing email marketing and social media campaigns to engage with your target audiences, right through to writing articles, updating your company literature or even planning and executing an event.

Copywriting services
As well as providing marketing support services, I am also an experienced copywriter. This enables me to provide an extra level of service which many other marketing companies or freelancers cannot –  and ensures that any marketing messages we agree can easily be translated into engaging and effective copy, without the need to brief a separate supplier.

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