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“Gill’s extensive experience gives her an intuitive understanding of the message that I want to give out both to our customers or to our targeted new business contacts. She is a pleasure to work with.”


As an experienced freelance marketing project manager, I can provide the same level of resource as you would expect from an in house marketing manager or marketing director.

This means that I will take on a proactive role within your business, and not simply wait to be told what to do, as a marketing agency might. All of which frees up your time to carry on with day-to-day activities, without having to worry about micro-managing me, which could be the case with a full time, but more junior, marketing resource. It also means that, for one-off projects, I can really hit the ground running and just make it happen.

Having operated as a freelancer for many years now, I have built up a bank of tried and tested suppliers for services like design, print, email broadcast, web programming and so on – and can bring in these resources with confidence, as part of my support function. Having said this, I am of course equally happy to work with your own existing suppliers, if you have these and prefer to do so.

Any external companies which I introduce would of course bill you directly, as I am not an agency and would never ‘buy in’ a service and then mark it up before selling it on to you.

Ongoing support
If we agree that I will take on the role of your marketing manager, then I’ll firstly take time to understand your business and your target audiences – before helping you to decide what marketing activities should be carried out. We can then develop a plan and a schedule of activity (within your available budget of course!) which I will execute, with as much or as little input from your management team as you prefer.

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Charging structure

I charge a simple hourly rate for marketing or copywriting services, and will always agree a set number of hours with you up front for any project-based work.

Alternatively, we can agree a fixed number of hours per month, and I will then track my time and provide a detailed breakdown of work carried out – making you aware well in advance if I’m reaching our agreed monthly limit!

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