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In addition to writing the website for the gorgeous Finca Cerro Verde, I also shot the images for their Local Area section. The one on the left shows the pretty hilltop town of Alora in Andalucia, which is very close to the Finca.

Website Copywriting

When creating or updating their websites, I often find that my clients simply don’t know where to begin when it comes to creating the content.

This is usually because most of the information they want to include only exists in someone’s brain or in many other random locations! So if this sounds familiar, don’t worry. I’m happy to work from conversations we have, supported by any existing materials you can find, to gather the information I need in order to write the content you need.

The other thing to bear in mind with websites is that you have to balance the readability of the site with the requirement for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), if this is relevant for your business. Using my marketing skills, I can help you to decide what’s most important and then write the copy accordingly.

Here’s one example of a recent web project I worked on, not only for copywriting but also for project management. Visit my website copywriting samples page to see more.

Everymessage Website

Website Project Management

In addition to writing content for websites, I can also offer a full Project Management service – working directly with designers and developers to bring a website project right through to ‘Go Live’ and beyond.

This could be for a brand new site, to update an existing one, or to complete a project that has ‘stalled’ due to lack of time on the part of the end client.

To find out more please visit my Website Samples page.