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“In our complex business area, finding expertise which has the appropriate writing and communications skills is not easy. Gill meets all of these requirements, with a disciplined approach to work organisation and to meeting our deadlines.”


Whether you need help with writing brochures, a website, an article, some direct mail, an advert, a case study or an email shot, I can help.

I work directly for many companies, but I also have a number of clients who are design or marketing agencies. These companies do not have in-house copywriters and prefer to bring in specialist skills when required. 

As an experienced copywriter who is also a marketing specialist, I am able to provide an extra level of service which many other copywriters cannot. This dual skill-set ensures that your marketing messages can easily be translated into engaging and effective copy, without the need to brief a separate copywriter.

I can also help you to develop a core messaging document for your business, which can be used as a base for all subsequent marketing pieces, to ensure that consistency is maintained. This is often especially useful for new businesses, or for companies that are developing a new or updated offering for their customers.

Types of work
I have many years of experience in writing copy for different industry sectors, covering a wide range of marketing materials, including:

  • Company literature
  • Websites
  • Case studies
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Email shots
  • Adverts
  • Direct mail pieces
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Press releases
  • Straplines

To give you a better idea of the types of work I have carried out in the past, please view my Samples of Work.

Stranger than Fiction

As someone who writes every day, I tend to spot peculiar uses of the English language – as well as dodgy grammar and punctuation – more easily than some people. Here’s a great example, sadly embroidered on hundreds of babygros that I saw in a retail warehouse a while back when doing a photo shoot!