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“Gill’s marketing knowledge and experience, and her ability to not only give good advice but also to ‘get the job done’ has made a very tangible difference for our business.”


About Contract Marketing

I set up Contract Marketing in 2002 after realising that there was a ‘gap in the market’ for a company that provides marketing support for smaller businesses that do not have their own in house marketing resources, or for larger businesses that require additional support from time to time.

My client-side experience prior to going freelance was in the IT and Telecoms sector, where I worked for Lucent Technologies and later Avaya, as Head of Channel Marketing for the UK and Ireland. 

Since then I have gained a wide range of experience in many other sectors and have worked for clients in industries as diverse as retail, software development, construction, property, travel and leisure, education, public sector and not-for-profit. I do of course continue to support a wide range of clients in the IT and Telecoms sectors as well.

Content Creation
In addition to my marketing services I am also an experienced copywriter and ‘content creator’. The advantage of working with an experienced marketing professional who is also a copywriter, is that I can see the bigger picture when it comes to what you are aiming to achieve, and can advise accordingly. 

This provides an advantage over having to find a separate copywriting resource and bring them up to speed on your business before they can begin to create the marketing messages you need.

I have always been an avid amateur photographer, and have carried out a number of ad hoc commissions over the years – from photographing a friend’s wedding to taking close-up shots for a medical textbook! More recently I have had one of my images featured in the Photography Oxford Festival Exhibition, and started selling images via Alamy – mostly travel related – as well as selling landscape images privately. Please use the links in the footer below to view images.

How it works

Depending on your requirements, we can work together in a way that suits you.

For larger clients, and longer-term projects – I would usually recommend meeting up to discuss your project in person, and once we start working together, I will then invoice at the end of each month.

For smaller one-off projects – we can communicate by email or phone, and then when you’re happy with the work I have done, you can just pay me by PayPal.

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